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We are a Cape Town Based Travel Agent Taking the Sting out of your Travel arrangements.


We arrange leisure and corporate travel for both local and overseas clients. Our excellent knowledge of the local industry helps to offer our clients the best advice and products at the best prices. Our aim is to make your dreams come true and to make your trip hassle free. We are a small company that offers a very personalized service and flexibility that far surpasses that of any large corporate organization.

We started out with a few corporate accounts that believed in us and since then have grown our client base which now includes corporate and leisure travelers.
We have received much positive feed back from customers as can be seen on our Testimonialspage. The main reason I started the company was because I love arranging peoples travel and believed that I can offer my clients far more than I could working within the constraints of a large corporation. We focus on the little things that are important to people.

Fact Sheet

We are based in Cape Town South Africa and the business is owned and run by Irene Engelbrecht and assisted by Lorinda Vos. We have been in business for 8 years and keep growing from strength to strength. We offer a full booking service and will arrange all aspects of your travel plans such as

Car Hire
Packages etc

More Detailed information

Irene Engelbrecht is a hardworking service driven individual who shows symptoms of being a perfectionist and has a passion for travel. She is married and is the mother of two little boys.   Irene is also a great lover of animals and owns 2 cats and 2 dogs. When she is not working she’s either spending time with her family or socializing with her friends.

Lorinda Vos has 5 years experience in the industry in both corporate and leisure travel. She has been with the company for 3 years and is a shy, fun loving, honest and reliable person with good moral values. Values that AnBe Travel believe are important

Company History

AnBe Travel started in March 2002. The name was derived by combining the surnames of the two founding partners. The one partner was eventually bought out and Irene Engelbrecht is now the sole owner.
The Business was originally started because Irene believed she could offer her clients much more than she was able to working within the constraints a big corporate company.

AnBe Travel has grown steadily over the years and has acquired more corporate accounts and increased the leisure clientele quite substantially. We pride ourselves of offering the best service possible and the testimonials on our site are testament to that.

Irene started in the industry 17 years ago before we even had e-mail and internet. Before starting AnBe Travel she worked in numerous big Travel Agencies. Here she gained experience working on large corporate travel accounts and arranging leisure travel bookings. She started AnBe Travel 8 years ago and has never looked back. Her determination hard work and commitment to service excellence has brought the company this far.

AnBe travel will continue to offer the best personal service possible. We want to be the travel booker of choice and hope to continue to grow the business through positive word of mouth which we believe is one of our strongest marketing tools.